venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Superhero Cupcakes

Ahaha, i'm joking right? No, i'm not.
My real first one post is not beauty related.
Last week i made this superheroes cupcakes for me and my boyfriend. He is like obsessed with Marvel Superheroes and made me became a fan of superheroes.
I mean, how can you not love Wolverine, if it's played by the handsome Hugh Jackman? I've seen and enjoyed all of the superheroes movies. I swear.
And then last week i thought: I looove cupcakes. And I looove superheroes. And so does my boyfriend. Let's make this.
So i grabbed my favourite moleskine notebook and drew 12 cupcakes thinking about what superheroes i wanted to make. I made Wolverine (of course!), Hulk, the X-men, DeadPool, Cap, Fantastic 4, The Punisher (boyfriend helped me pick this one), Iron man and Spiderman. Man, I have 3 missing.
My boo doesn't like DC comics that much. But how can you not have Superman, Batman and Green Lantern cupcakes? You can't.

I must say that they are NOT how i expected them to be. I wished for better. But they are close enough.
Want to see the result? There you go. Sorry for the lame picture.

So, what do you think? I think that they are UGLY. I was laughing so hard i cried.
But they were sooo fu** good. And Boo liked them.

Next time i will do better. Or at least I'll try :)

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