martedì 27 marzo 2012

DiY: Braided Beaded Bracelet

It's time for a DiY!
Summer is coming and summer means lots of bracelets covering our wrists!
So lately I saw a lot of tutorials about beaded bracelets, but i think that braiding and pushing beads one by one is too long and compicated for me since I'm using embroidery thread. So i managed to do it my own way!

What you need:
-Embroidery Thread, leather cord, cord
-beads of your choice
-A button

First of all I wanna say something about embroidery thread. If you are a cross stitcher, like me, you'll never use Dmc or Anchor thread for Diy. I have like a little case with all skeins that i bought in packs or at the market that are not very good or expensive thread. If you're not a cross stitcher, go ahead and buy good quality thread. You can use also leather cord, regular cord, silk ribbon cord.

Let's start!

First you are going to cut 2 pieces of thread, one 26" and the other double lenght. You can double or triple the lenght if you like your bracelet to do multiple turns of you wrist.
Fold the longer piece in half and put the short one in the middle, then tie a little knot to secure the threads. make sure you leave a little loop. 
Now put your loop under a heavy thing, so you can braid easily.
Now take a needle that fits inside the beads, and put some of them on the thread. Don't take off you needle form the end of the thread or your beads will go everywhere!

Now start braiding your thread. After 2/3 inches you can start pushing up your beads. You can either push up the bead when the thread is in the middle of the braid or at the sides. It's up to you.
Push the bead up and keep it in place with your finger then continue braiding.

You'll think it's hard at the beginning but practice makes perfect!

When you're getting to the end, stop pushing up the beads and finish braiding the thread.

Now, to close your bracelets you can either choose to put a button or simply tie some knots.

If you put a button make sure to knot it in place with 3 or 4 knots.
Cut excess thread and.. you're DONE!

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