giovedì 8 marzo 2012

DiY: Animal Printed Pot

Today we do it ourselves!

Spring is coming and it's time for gardening! Since outside is still cold, we can start by pimping our flowerpots with some animal print stencils.

For the stencil you need:
- Wax paper
- Pencil and rubber
- Ruler
- Cutter or Exacto Knife
-Prints of you choice, I picked mine on the internet.

How to: Take your wax paper and line it over your image.
With you pencil draw all outlines carefully. You can double your print if you have a bigger pot.

Take you cutter and cut your paper. Do this over a board or foamboard.

Now that we have our stencils, your hands shoud have dirt all over them, so go and wash your hands.

It's time to paint our pots!

I had 3 smaller ones and a bigger one, that i bought at a market last year. Mine were brown, so I painted them white to have a uniform base color.
I used acrilic paint that dries really quickly, but spray paint would be great.

Now choose you colors. I had only white, red, blue and brown paint, so I made a red pot, a pink one, a light blue one and a purple.

I paited them twice, to have a solid color. Don't forgeto to paint the inside as well, at least half way through.

Are you ready to print??

Take your stencils and line it onto your pot; hold it in place with tape and paint!

Remove the stencil, let dry the paint and.... enjoy your animal printed pots!

I made the stencils, but you can easily go free hand if you want!

I can't wait to plant some flowerssssssss :))

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