venerdì 2 marzo 2012


Ok so, first post.
I'd like to say that i'm Italian 100%, first of all.
Then... why i'm writing in English if i'm italian? My current dream is moving from italy to the US, sooner or later.
And i have to practice my english skills.
I have a passion for make up, and that is why this is a BB, Beauty Blog.
Now is time for introducing myself: my name is Carly, i'm 22 and i'm italian (already said, i know). I graduated last year and now i'm a nurse, looking for a job. In my spare time (wich appens to be a lot lately) i do EVERYTHING. Tell a thing and i can say oh, yeah i did / i'm doing it last week/yesterday/a month ago/ tomorrow/ in a week etcetcetc.
Let's start from what i like doing the most: make up. I could spend hours reading blog posts, watching youtube videos, searching for inspiration all over the place.
Then, DIY. I discovered diy like at the end of last year and started really doing it last month. But i am obsessed. Wherever i go and whatever i see/buy i'm thinking of diy.
Cross stitch. It make me feel so relaxed and peaceful laying on the couch with something to cross stitch. I could spend days only cross stitching (but then even a month without doing it).
What else... Gardening, sewing, baking, cooking. Name it.

My biggest fear is talking. you know, i know that i could make videos and stuff but i'm too shy to do it.
I always think about what other people could say.
And it's so funny because i know that i can speak english, and that i do it well, but with other people looking at me and asking me questions i can't. I mean i've been studying english for like half of my life and still i can't speak. My boyfriend is so outgoing that he speaks eventhough i knows like 5 words and no grammar at all.
The problem is that when someone asks me something in english in my head i go like " well i could say it that way, or do like that", but in the end i'm speachless. Not because i can't speak, but because i think too much on how to say it the right way and spelling it right so that the person i'm talking to can only think "oh, that's good". HATE myself when i do that.

You see? My mind is all over the place. Always thinking about making a good impression. Silly me.

So, let's get back to the blog. I will take this as a diary of my experiences and my life, w/out pretending someone to read it. But if you are, i really appreciate that. And if you're english/american/australian/whatever i'd really appreciate comments on my english and corrections. I'm a little bit rusty.

Welcome to my life.

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