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My hair story.

Natural Hair Color: Mmmm... I'd say like medium brown, not too light not too dark
Current Hair Color: Red... Last time I used Palette Hair dye in the color Red.

Beware: Super Long Post. I told you!

With this being said, I really don't remember me in my natural hair color. I dye my hair since I was 15, and I've had them all. Well, I still wish to try pink and blue someday, but I have been a brunette, I've had purple, I have red now... Never been straight up blonde but I've had like blonde streaks. I loove blonde hair, but i have black eyebrows and I don't plan to lighten them just to have blonde hair.
My mum never stopped me from dyeing my hair and I think my booboo never saw me in my natural hair color.
When I was 15 i've had the longest hair, but I really didn't like taking care of them, I had split ends and lots of knots, mostly because I straightened them w/out brushing them. Fool.
Best Hair Ever-Dec.2008
Then one day, right after christmas I went to the hairdresser with a picture and said: cut them all, like that.
Bad, bad decision. But they grew again stronger and pretty quick. In two years I had my long hair back. Then I met my man (2006), and he said to me one summer day: you'd look good with short hair! My mum was saying me the same thing, so I went and cut my hair. THE WORST HAIRSTYLE EVER. But they grew back. And by christmas they had no more style or shape. At that time, Rihanna cut her hair in a bob. I did it too.
My hair are not curly, but not straight at all. So after i washed my hair the first time i looked like... I can't even say, I don't even want to remember.
Dec. 2009
From that moment, my hair NEVER grew longer again. I kept cutting them, I don't know why. At the same time I was dyeing them. RED. Well, orangy colour, because the red washes out pretty quick.
After three or four month my hair were at my shoulders, but the colour was awful. Man. So i went to my hairsalon to dye them(2007), to cover the red dye. So I went dark brown/black. And i decided to cut the fringe. I looked like Cleopatra's ghost. Oh God, my man hated my hair. And I did too.
But that period passed and I want red again, for new year's eve. The BEST hair I've ever had. You know when you look at pictures of you and think, oooh, I loove this color, why I don't wear it anymore? That feeling.
But the red washed away quickly and I went brown, and on Dec.-24-2009 I decided to go purple. Lovely colour. Really pretty. Dark but not black, and washing out it came pretty good.
I stayed a little with brown hair after that then I decided to go lighter. Really light. My mom helped me. She has been my haircolorist for the last three years, except for rare occasions. We bought bleach and developer and started making highlights in my hair. And came out good, I kept them for months, then right after christmas(2010) I decided to go red again. I always dye my hair near christmas, every year. It's like a tradition.
Dec. 2011
But every time I go red I have to go brown again because the red washes out. This year, in November i got my degree and became a nurse. And I had brown hair. But in my head i was like "I'm gonna go red again. I know. Soon." And four days after my graduation, right before my graduation party I went red. The colour was called "Intense Red". And was really dark. But I did it myself, without my mum's help, for the first time. Yayyy! It was the beginning of my hair colouring indipendence. Big time. And I got so many compliments for my red hair that I've decided to keep them, but it's pretty hard to keep them really red looking. I don't want to dye them much so I dyed them after two months, eventhough the color washes out a lot in two months, and became like an orangy red, not too light,but not to orange. End of November- End of January.
Now it's almoust the end of march. And I have to decide what to do.
Keep red hair or let the color wash away? That is the question.

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