giovedì 15 marzo 2012

Gardening Mama

I am a super lazy girl. And I'm terribly sorry for that.
But this couch potato likes gardening, so today i'm gonna show you what I did on tuesday.
A couple weeks ago I went to the market and I bought 7 packets of seeds for like 60 cent each. These days the weather is warmer and the sun is starting to heat, so i said to myself: I want to have a container garden. I don't have lots of space, I have just a little terrace but I became obsessed with gardening!
So, first of al you're gonig to need:
-Pots or plastic containers
-Watering can/spray can/water bottle

I bought some plastic knives to mark my plants, because i'm never going to remember where is what :P
But you can skip this step or use ice cream sticks or whatever. I've found a packet that already have a little plastic something to mark your plant.

Ok so first you must decide which plants you want to plant. I choose sunflower, camomile and basil.
Now look at the back of your packet and make sure it's time to plant and if the weather is right.
Take your pot and fill it with your soil, leaving 2-3 inches from the top. Slightly water your soil. Now take your seeds and put them on the soil w/out pressing them. If you have small seeds make sure to sprinkle them evenly onto the soil. if you have big seeds like sunflower, put just 2-3 seeds, according to how big your pot is. Now cover with some other soil, like an inch and water them carefully. You don't want your seeds to move or float.
I inserted the knife before putting the seeds.

And you're done! 
But now.... i don't know how to keep my seeds!

I've found a seed packet template on the internet and i said: i'm going to make myself seed packets!

You're going to need:
-Seeds, of course
-Scissors, tape or glue, pencil, permanent marker.

Take you template, cut it and mark on paper the outlines. Cut them and fold the paper where needed. Glue or tape where needed. The template has on it all the measurements and stuff so it's easy to make the packages.

With the permanent marker write on your packet all infos about you seeds, like harvesting and stuff, so you can replant them with ease the next year or give them as a gift.

Put your seeds in and close your package with tape...
Et Voilà ;)

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