venerdì 11 maggio 2012

Little Update :)

I know i've been MIA lately, but i'm working on a project for another blog :)

Two weeks ago I started the Dukan diet, and i've been focusing on finding recipes.
I lost 5 pounds, but i need to lose at least 5 more. It's not easy but i hope it's worth it.

I'm also working on a HUGE cross stitch project, a growth chart. Looots of work.

what else? Ten days ago i went to the aquarium (yayyyy). My boy and I both loved it, it was great.
This little guy winked at me ;)

Otters really do sleep hugging each other. So cute <3

Smile, you're on Candid Camera!
I really enjoyed the aquarium. I could have stayed there all day long! We saw penguins and sharks and otters and lots of reptiles (uh I hate snakes....), and we saw cockroaches (uuuh i hate them more than snakes). Lots of fishes and turtles. I don't eat fish at all 'cause i don't like it but it's fun to see :)

Oh and my boy turns 25 on 4 june and I already bought him a gift! I can't wait to see his reaction ;)
I loove him so so much :) maybe we'll go on vacation right after his birthday;)