mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

Elle Anniversary + Diorshow Mascara

I have to say that i'm not a big fashion fan. I'm not into fashion magazines, trends and stuff.... I do really like clothes, and I've never met a girl who doesn't.
But yesterday I was at the mall and I saw this beautyful Elle Magazine 25 anniversary edition and felt the need to buy it.....

It's like a cardboard box, that on the front says "25 years with Elle", and has on each side the sentence "Dior celebrates Elle's 25 years"

Inside the box you find the magazine split into 4 volumes:
- Trends of the moment
- Elle's interviews
- Global fashion girls
- Shopping

When i was youger i used to cut the commercials of my favourite models and i kept them inside plastic folder. maybe i'll start again keeping outfit that i like.
I'm not a daring person, i stand always with the same colors, i have my best pieces and i stick to them all the time. I love clothes but i don't have enough money to buy everything i want, so I wear most of the time the same stuff. I'm a dress lover, especially in summertime but since i'm a little overweight i can't wear them as much as i wish. Lately i developed a passion for sewing and i'm planning to do more clothes myself in the future.
But let's go back to the start... inside the box you find a sample of DiorShow Mascara.
I tend to buy all drugstore stuff, i'm not a high-end make up person. I don't have a lot of money to spend on high end make up, and i can't find the point of spending even 14 euros on a drugstore foundation.
I have to say that here in Italy we have lot of stores that sell high-end and  the retail price is way toooooooo high, a lot higher than Usa and Uk price.
For example, the DiorShow mascara at Sephora here in Italy is 27,50€, which is 36$. At the Diorshow Mascara is 25 $. There is a big gap.

This is the before. I like my natural lashes, i have pretty long lashes, but i always go for volume and lenght and having lots and lots of lashes. I know i could wear false lashes, but i'm a goofy and i can't put them on w/out messing my eyemakeup :P

And this is the after. Man, this mascara works so well. I have on 2 coats and the difference is massive. I love it.

But i'm never ever ever going to spend 27 euros on a mascara. Ever.

Here's a side picture, so you can see the lenght.

My opinion on this mascara:
Brand: Dior
Name: DiorShow Mascara
Wand: i have the sample size, so it's a preatty small wand. Funny shape, but does his work.
Colour: nice black colour, but i already have dark lashes....
Price: pretty expensive, eventhough it's under 30 euros.

I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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