mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Zig Zag Nail Art

It's Time for Nail AAAArt!
Yesterday I was on pinterest and I found a picture of a beautiful black pink and silver nail design and i decided to make it myself!
But today I couldn't find the picture anymore. And that's what you get being a lazy girl that doesn't pin what she likes. I ended up searching the web for instruction on how to make something similar!

You need:

- Nail polishes and top coat
- Tape
- Scissors
- Patience!!!

You need a lot of time to do this, but it's worth!

OK so first make sure you have clean nails. Decide how many layers you want to make and what colors to use.
Take your base color and paint your nails. I choose white. It took me two coats to have a solid color.
Let your polish dry for at least 12 minutes.

Take your tape and cut triangles out of if. You can make them as big or as little as you want. Then start putting tape on your nails, covering up 1\3 of the nail.
Paint your nails with your second colour. I choose light blue. Let the first hand dry for 12 minutes before taking off the tape and moving on to the other hand.
Third layer: cover your nail with the tape and paint on the color. I choose blue.

I'm lazy and goofy and imprecise, so my two layers are uneven, and the zig zag doesn't match. If you have time and willing to make them going the exact same way, do it!

I let my nail polish dry for 15 minutes for the last layer. Then removed the tape.
I Really love the result!
Take a cotton swab and remove the excess and be generous with your top coat!

And you're done!!
This tecnique is so easy and versatile!! I'm def going to use it every once in a while and maybe change the shape of the tape!

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