domenica 15 aprile 2012

Max Factor Foundation Review

I bought this Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation like a month ago, maybe more and I've been using this for a while now.
I have to say I'm not a big foundation fan, mostly because I don't feel the need of using it.
My skin is not perfect but I hardly wear a full face make up. And also I've never found the perfect shade and I always felt like "No, you can obviously see i'm wearing foundation!" :((

But i'm always searching for a new one, a better one, the perfect one!

I probably only own two Max Factor's products, and it's because here where I live it's not that cheap! It's not expensive like 30 euros or more like revlon, shiseido or sephora stuff, but a foundation is like 15-20 €...
I found this foundation at 9,90€ and thought "well let see if it's worth a try".

I have the shade n°75 Golden, wich is a little darker than my skin but this foundation blends so easily that you can't see the difference!

First things first.
Name: Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation
Tipe: It's a creamy foundation, like a mousse. A little goes a long way.
Price: 14,50€/18€

Applicator: Sponge. It's not recommended to use this, but it's cool if you wash it like once a week or more.
Weight: you get 11.5g of foundation wich is pretty good and will last long time.

I personally would give this foundation an 8 out of 10. It's creamy and highly blendable. Colour range is quite good, and you can build up the coverage.
My only problem is... i'm allergic-.- not properly allergic, but every time i put it on i got a lot of little bumps on my forhead :(
This is so sad, i have found a good foundation and i can't wear it-.- Damn.

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