lunedì 23 aprile 2012

My Cross Stitch works ;)

I've started with my absolutely BEST work EVER.
I've made this for a swap so i don't have it anymore but this will always be in my heart <3

I made this for my boy wich is a little obsessed with USA, and is my first work!

This work isn't finished yet. Like many others :D

This is huge. is like 50cm x 60cm, aaand, is not finished. Lazy girl get easily bored.


Man I love this two... lots of love in this two works! First one is my favourite :)

My Boy Loves Me and got me this cross stitch cover for Iphone 4... Owls were cool but i like froggy the most :) Next is Keroppi I believe!

This is NY skyline! My boo infected me with is USA passion ;) This was pretty hard... Black Aida and silk thread... never again.

Ok so This last work took me only 3 days. My boy went home for christmas and I had plenty of time.... easy :)

Last... is what i'm working on... my boy turns 25 on june 4... and has a passion for NFL! I made the pattern myself and this wasn't easy at all! I have to finish this before his birthday!

But I'll show you when it's done :D

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  1. WOWWWW, you are great at this!!!!! I am amazed! it must take so much time!! i used to do this when i was younger but it was too timeconsuming!! I like the cell cases!! amazing

    love K